About Us

 In my life,  I have been drawn to music for expression, connection and times, salvation. Growing up, I felt my parents' deep appreciation for lyrics. Their attention toward the marriage of words and music, fueled my heart along this path. When I was ten, my aunt gave me a guitar and I learned a few chords. When my brother was fourteen he picked up the guitar and started playing blues and performing around Louisville. I started singing and playing cover songs and met some life-long friends at open mics.

When I met Bex, we began playing music and moved from Kentucky to Hawaii. I was engulfed by the Aloha spirit which felt like coming home to family. Falling deeper in love in paradise was like dying and waking up. It was magical and mystical. Bex and I played music at a local out-door bar called Uncles and connected with forever friends. When we moved back to Kentucky, we decided to officially become a music duo called, griffytown. It’s the neighborhood we were physically in at the time. In 1879, a freed slave named Dan Griffith, purchased the land he had been living on, and created Griffytown. The meanings of our songs are transformed with every birth, death, union and season. Our songs are like you and me. They are alive, evolving and eternal.